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Attractions and Zoo

What services
we provide ?

At Pixel Holiday, we bring your visits to attractions and zoos to life with vibrant photography services. From green screen magic to fun mascot photos, we ensure every moment is filled with joy and laughter. Experience personalized, high-quality photo merchandise, and easily share your memories online.


Green screen photography

(Fancy adding a bit of Hollywood Green Screen into your photography?)Pixel Holiday can provide various themes for Green Screen Photography and guests have the opportunity to be captured and see themselves in different landscapes that exceeds their imagination. Don’t hesitate or feel shy! Just do whatever it takes to become one with the theme! Our experts are more than happy to advise you.


Photo Merchandise

Pixel Holiday offers a wide range and options each designed for the specific guest’s demands, through retail points and self-service kiosks in Luxury hotels, Waterparks and Amusement parks. Guests have the option to choose high-resolution photo prints with maximum clarity in a range of unique products. During merchandise, guests have the option to upload their digital moments in social media, like Facebook and Instagram creating a complete experience giving everyone smiles.​


Online system

Using our online website, customized specifically for our customers, our partner’s guests can easily have access, download, purchase and share their moments wherever and whenever they wish without waiting in queue lines during their visit to their favorite places. We suggest the option of download online customers’ photos to be at our partner’s website by simply adding a download photography-option that direct the clients to our online service and download those photos. Like this all the traffic we have to our site can be through our partner’s website, contributing to the optimization of our partner’s digital marketing


Mascot’s photography

a mascot always makes the photos more funny and joyful! Pixel Holiday provides mascots at the partner’s request creating smiles for everyone! ​


Lifestyle Photography

A story about people’s lives can be told through Lifestyle Photography in an artistic manner... Pixel Holiday photographers are specially trained to give the perfect result in the best possible way.


Trip Advisor Review

Our partner’s guest has the option after visiting their photographs at our photo-kiosk or at our online website to positively rate our partner on TripAdvisor.


Online share in Social Media

We provide our partner’s guests the option to automatically share their experience and locate (tag) our partner to Social Media, such as Facebook and Instagram, giving the opportunity to all of their friends and family to see their experiences of their favorite visited destination.


Unique Products

Our partner’s guest has the option to keep saved their experience and memories of their favorite destination in the wide range of our unique products.


Customized Products

Our unique products special customized to our partners by using their name-logo will make our partners an unforgettable destination for all their guests.


An Additional Luxury Service

Pixel Holiday is a must-have service for the partners who wish to optimize and upgrade their company by providing high-quality services that stay unforgettable for every guest.


Guest Experience

We help our partner improve the guest experience by offering unique memories from their stay in their favorite places.


Unique Office Design:

We have designed modern, luxurious offices able to match the aesthetics of each Hotel, Water Park and Attraction, making guests feel comfortable whenever they wish to view their capturing moments, choose among our unique products and offers or discuss with our advisors for planning a photo-session or any other information they might need.


General Data Protection:

We respect and protect our partner’s guest’s data and we comply with the new terms of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), applying the latest technology system that allows customers access only to their own photos. Our upcoming service that is the biggest step for companies in our field is the appearance of digital photographs by Face Recognition.